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Taxes in Retirement

Bob Carlson of Retirement Watch on how to manage your taxes and planning strategies to pay less

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More Ways To Increase Your After-Tax Investment Returns

May 28, 2023

Last week’s Retirement Watch Weekly covered ways to increase your after-tax investment returns. Let’s pick up where we left off. When your investment strategy says it’s time to sell an investment, don’t hold it for months hoping it will mature to a long-term capital gain. It might make sense to wait if it will mature […]


How To Increase Your After-Tax Investment Returns

May 21, 2023

The old adage is, “You can’t spend pre-tax returns.” After-tax returns are what count. Well, the tax rules on investments are in effect all year, but few people take advantage of that. Too many people don’t start thinking about investment taxes until near the end of the year, or even after the year is over. […]


Plan Now to Avoid Stealth Taxes this Year

May 14, 2023

Retirees and near-retirees need to worry more about Stealth Taxes than regular income taxes. Stealth Taxes include the amount of Social Security benefits added to gross income, the Medicare premium surtax (also known as IRMAA), the 3.8% net investment income tax and more. Some Stealth Taxes are directed specifically at retirees, such as the tax […]

Gimme Shelter: Hidden Real Estate Tax Bombs to Avoid

April 28, 2023

For many pre-retirees and retirees, the equity in their homes is often one of their largest retirement assets.  This Special Report reveals some little-known strategies to avoid or reduce hefty capital gains taxes. Click on the PDF below to learn more. […]

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The Four Ways You Can Make Tax-Free Gifts

March 19, 2023

Gift giving is an essential strategy in many estate plans. When done properly, gifts reduce lifetime income taxes and reduce or eliminate estate and gift taxes. Through gifts, you help loved ones today, and see the benefits of that help, instead of having them wait to inherit. To optimize gifts, know how to minimize gift […]

Estate Tax

Know the Tricks and Traps of the ‘Wash Sale’ Rules

March 12, 2023

Few taxpayers were interested in or needed to know the “wash sale” rules, until recently. When stock prices rose steadily, the wash sale rules didn’t come into play. The rules matter only when investors sell stocks at losses. That’s why the wash sale rules have been more important since 2021. The wash sale rules were […]

Yes, Your IRA Could Be Taxed, Even a Roth IRA

January 31, 2023

Years ago, a pension plan acquired an interest in a spaghetti factory. A consequence of that episode is your IRA might owe income taxes on some of its investment income. Other spaghetti manufacturers said it wasn’t fair they had to compete with a business owner who was tax-exempt. Eventually, Congress agreed and enacted the unrelated […]


7 Strategies to Reduce Taxes & Beat Inflation in Retirement

January 22, 2023

For many people, reducing taxes is the easiest, fastest way to increase investment returns, put a retirement plan back on track, beat inflation and enhance retirement security. Retirees and pre-retirees often leave a lot of money on the table for the IRS to scoop up because they don’t execute the key tax reduction strategies that […]

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