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Why To Stay Invested even in a Bear Market

September 18, 2018

This article argues that the best way to protect your portfolio in the next downturn is to stay invested. You are very unlikely to be able to time both an exit near the top of the market and re-entry near the bottom. It’s better to stay invested. Why? Studies repeatedly show that individual mutual fund […]

Is a Bear Market Coming? A Response to Pessimists

June 12, 2017

Some analysts have been forecasting the end of the economic expansion and bull market in stocks for awhile. In fact, both are on the verge of setting longevity records. This article explores the records and why the expansions have continued. It also forecasts they are likely to continue for a while. Don’t be nervous. It […]

Is It a Bull or Bear Market?

January 14, 2014

Stocks have had strong returns since 2009. I’ve been cautious on them most of that time and still don’t believe the long-term bear market that began in 2000 is over. Recent research from Crestmont Research explains why this still is a long-term or secular bear market, and the market rise since 2009 is a bull […]

The Bull vs. The Bear

March 22, 2012

It’s rare there’s a day with the stark contrast we saw yesterday. In the April issue of Retirement Watch, I remarked that I don’t recall see such a sharp divide between those who are optimistic and pessimistic about the stock markets. We saw that clearly yesterday. First, Goldman Sachs came out with a report arguing […]


The Bond Bear Market And Your Portfolio

September 1, 2003

The 21-year party in treasury bonds is over for at least a couple of years. The first phase of the bond bear market probably ended in mid-August. But there is more to come. Investors must adjust to the new bond market. Capital gains from income investments will be few and far between. Safety and income […]


The Next Bear Market

January 1, 2003

Is the bond market the next bubble waiting to burst? Investors certainly have been pouring money into bonds and bond funds, just as they bought technology stocks and funds near the top of the market. The new-found attraction for bonds is understandable. They have had a 22-year bull market. As stocks tanked, the most popular […]

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