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Vanguard Strays from Its Roots and into Factor Investing

December 6, 2017

The leading sponsor of index funds is adding to its selection of other management styles. This article explains that Vanguard is offering new ETFs that engage in factor investing and similar practices. These are investing styles that Vanguard’s former leader, John Bogle, criticizes a lot. What makes the new factor and smart-beta offerings from Vanguard […]

The Importance of Investment Momentum as a Smart Beta Investing Strategy

July 25, 2017

“Factor investing” is a popular investment theme these days, though most people have taken to call it “smart beta” investing. This article discusses momentum as an investment factor and cites a number of studies that explored momentum. The conclusion is that momentum is more reliable than other investment factors and has delivered strong results in […]

A Warning About Smart Beta ETFs

July 10, 2017

Maneesh Shanbhag used to work at Bridgewater Associates and now runs his own hedge fund. He’s a quantitative investor, which means he spends a lot of time looking the data in detail. Shanbhag says the benefits of most “smart beta” ETFs are oversold. He believes the factors used to sort stocks (size, momentum, value, and […]

A Critic of Smart Beta Investing

February 17, 2017

Smart beta is a form of stock investing that is sort of passive investing or modified index investing. It first is based on academic research showing that investing based on certain factors increases long-term returns above capitalization-weighted indexes. The definition is fluid, but generally investing in low volatility stocks, undervalued stocks, and other strategies are […]

Investment Innovations – Smart BETA and Risk Factor Investing

December 11, 2013

James Montier of GMO takes apart the latest investment innovations. He says that the financial industry continues to come up with great ideas that it says will be great for investors, but in practice the innovations don’t stand up to their hype. In this essay he takes a look at smart beta, risk factor investing, […]

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