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Long-Term Care Insurance

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Managing Changes in Long-Term Care Insurance

November 1, 2012

Changes have roiled the long-term care insurance market the last couple of years. The latest big changes came from the leading LTCI insurer, Genworth. The good news is that unlike other insurers, it plans to stay in the market. Genworth eliminated unlimited lifetime benefits as a policy option and also the choice to fully pay […]

Long-Term Care Insurance Made Easy

June 28, 2012

The question  of whether or not to buy long-term care insurance perplexes many people. They don’t know how to approach the issue and don’t want to be led around by an insurance agent seeking a commission. If you’re in that situation, or simply want a decent road map to analyzing the decision, consider this post. […]

Why You Should Buy Long-Term Care Insurance Now

May 1, 2012

The changes in long-term care insurance keep coming. The latest news was Prudential Financial’s announcement that it will stop selling individual LTCI policies but will continue to sell policies through employer-sponsored programs. The Pru is the tenth of the top 20 insurers by sales to exit the LTCI market in the last five years, according […]

Evaluating the Long Term Care Insurance Decision

March 1, 2012

Most people don’t buy long-term care insurance, and they also aren’t prepared to pay for long-term care needs. In general, Americans also aren’t well-informed about either long-term care or insurance to cover it. Let’s debunk some myths and then take a rational look at the decision of whether or not to buy LTCI. What’s the […]

Little-Known Long-Term Care Benefit for Veterans

December 1, 2011

Update: In 2014 the Veterans Administration proposed new rules that would restrict significantly the number of veterans eligible for the Aid & Attendance benefits described in this post. Details of the proposed rules are described here. In 2006 the Secretary of Veterans Affairs quietly issued a media release about an “underused, special monthly pension benefit […]

Seeking Alternatives to Traditional Long Term Care Insurance

June 1, 2011

The crisis in long-term care insurance is causing people to look for alternatives to traditional LTCI. There are a few options, but you want to consider them care-fully before deciding on a plan. Each option has its own disadvantages. In our January and March visits we documented how some insurers are raising premiums on LTCI […]

Finding the Bargains in Long Term Care Insurance

May 1, 2011

People who should consider buying long-term care insurance often report that they don’t because they believe it’s too expensive. LTCI is more costly than it needs to be because people make two critical mistakes when evaluating it. Avoid those mistakes, and you might find LTCI is more affordable. The first mistake is that people don’t […]

Reading the Stats on Long Term Care

March 1, 2011

There are a lot of misleading and incomplete statistics quoted about long-term care. You need the complete story to estimate your future LTC costs and establish a plan. A frequently-quoted statistic is that 50% to 70% of Americans over 65 will need some LTC. The key word is “some.” LTCI covers care required when a […]


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