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Here are a few unsolicited testimonials posted on the web. Read here.

BottomLine Personal: How to Make Sure Your Will Doesn’t Backfire. Read here.

Wall Street Journal (subscription might be required): Fairax County’s pension fund, of which Bob is Chairman of the Board of Trustees, is noted for innovation and leading performance . Read here.

BottomLine Personal: Can You Afford Long-Term Care. An interview with Bob Carlson about recent changes in long-term care insurance. Read here.

Forbes. com: Millionaires Are Doing Roth Conversions Before the Fiscal Cliff Hits, Should You Too?. Quotes Bob Carlson and other experts. Read here. Do’s and Don’ts of IRA Investing. Tax consequences of IRA investments such as gold. Read here. Retirement Savings Deadlines Approaching. Read here. Inflation: Are Investors in Denial? From 2003, gives an idea of Bob Carlson’s long-term record. Read here.

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