Financial Advice for Retirement, Social Security, IRAs and Estate Planning


Bob Carlson taught me the breadth and depth of what I don’t know.
That’s why I recently renewed my subscription.

— Malcolm W. B., Grahamsville, New York

Bob Carlson does the mutual fund selection process for me—it simplifies my life! But it also gives me an option to be more active (for example, the Aggressive Growth Portfolio) if I want to be.

— Mike M., Los Angeles, California

I lost a lot of money by not paying attention to Bob. My financial advisor had me deep in the NASDAQ, so I finally fired him. I’m now paying much more attention.

— Johnny G., Annapolis, Maryland

My eyes are opened to areas of preparing for retirement other than investing.

— Andy A., Roswell, New Mexico

I can sleep at night…and achieve what I want to achieve.

— Randall C. H., Federal Way, Washington

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