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Why Is Your Adviser Recommending That?

April 25, 2018

This article discusses new rules being developed by the Securities & Exchange Commission governing incentives financial advisers can receive from brokerage firms. It’s considered a successor to the much-discussed fiduciary rule that recently was invalidated by a federal court. The article discusses why the SEC is developing the rule, what it’s likely to be, and […]

Tech Titans Criticize The Internet And Modern Tech

April 25, 2018

Criticisms of Facebook, Google, and others have been making headlines for months. The internet giants are considered by many to be complicit in helping people manipulate the 2016 election. This article features discussions with a number of major tech players in which they heavily criticize the way the internet has developed. To understand what went […]

The Latest In Health And Wealth

April 25, 2018

This article describes the connection between wealth, health, and longevity. It points out that many of today’s wealthy are willing to spend heavily for better health and longer life spans. The rich are more than willing to sacrifice money for extra longevity. Nine of 10 wealthy people agreed that “health is more important than wealth.” […]

Big Firms, Excessive Fees, And Index Investing

April 24, 2018

This interview with the former head of  Alliance Bernstein discusses the fee levels at major investment management firms, whether most firms are too large to deliver good returns, and other key issues. The main point is that the likely trend is active investment managers will receive only index investing fees unless they beat benchmarks. MARK […]

Wish You Owned These Wines

April 24, 2018

Investing in collectibles is difficult to do well. You have to dodge fraud, overpriced offerings, and hype by interested parties. If you get lucky, however, it really can pay off. This article describes the results of some recent wine auctions. People who bought the right vintage wines a few years back made out well. Burgundy […]

Why Tax Accountants Love Congress

April 24, 2018

Maybe one reason Congress passed tax reform is that taxes are too complicated for most people to file themselves. This article says tax preparers are making a lot of money in the last year before tax reform took effect. Americans spent about $44 billion on accounting, tax preparation, bookkeeping and payroll services in the fourth […]

Amazon, Fraud, And Money Laundering

April 23, 2018

Meb Faber is an investment manager and author. He recently wrote a post explaining why he no longer offers his books through Amazon. He said he found numerous instances of pirated, fake, or overpriced versions of his books being sold by different Amazon vendors. After looking into it, he decided people are using Amazon and […]

Palantir And Your Privacy

April 23, 2018

You might have heard of this technology firm that claims to have software and engineers that can find important things in seemingly disparate data. Its primary claim to fame is helping U.S. security agencies find terrorists and anticipate terrorist acts. The firm’s been branching out, and that seems to put privacy at risk. While Facebook […]

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