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Dangers In Digital Copiers

May 21, 2018

Like many other digital devices, photocopies now have hard drives that record everything. That’s a problem for employees who abuse office copiers. But it’s also a problem for businesses and individuals who have photocopied important and sensitive information over the years. If the copiers and their hard drives aren’t disposed of properly, sensitive information can […]

SEC Attacks Digital Currency Scams

May 21, 2018

Initial coin offerings (ICOs) are a new fad in the financial world. While touted as an innovative and profitable way for investors to invest in new companies and currencies at the same time, several reports have said most ICOs are scams. The Securities and Exchange Commission agrees. As a way of warning investors about the […]

China Versus Silicon Valley

May 18, 2018

This article argues that China is a great threat to U.S. tech companies. China, it says, has a strong technology culture and a booming start-up sector. The author thinks China’s new tech companies soon will be giving U.S. tech companies strong competition. China’s booming start-up scene has become as much a feature of its top-tier […]

Are Stocks Too Expensive?

May 18, 2018

Dr. Ed Yardeni says they aren’t, using the real earnings yield as a measure. He also explains why he likes this measure of value over others and what it’s saying today. As I observe in my book, there are lots of valuation models. None are infallible. None are right all the time. I like the […]

Move Your Cash

May 18, 2018

Interest rates on treasury debt is higher, but most Americans aren’t benefiting. Banks are much slower to raise the rates they pay investors, as this article reports. It also points out that many Americans aren’t earning the higher market rates. So why would anyone still accept 0.01% when they could be earning 2.01%? Inertia. An […]

Housing Continues To Roll

May 17, 2018

The National Association of Home Builders said its members are very confident. The NAHB’s index was reported at 70 this week. That’s a very high level and an increase from 68. But there are some problems for the builders. “The solid May report shows that builders are buoyed by growing consumer demand for single-family homes,” […]

Charlie Munger’s Success Secret

May 17, 2018

It’s pretty easy to do and it’s not much of a secret. But this article says one of the keys to Charlie Munger’s success is that he reads a lot. Any time he is waiting is spent reading, and he often arrives early for meetings and other scheduled events so he’ll have some time to […]

Update On China Trade Negotiations

May 17, 2018

China’s lowering expectations for this week’s trade negotiations with the U.S. In an interview, the vice premier said it expects the negotiations to be tough and the countries are far apart on the terms they want. The deficit depends on who is buying what and is not entirely within their control, and he pointed out […]

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