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Light Posting for a While

May 18, 2017

I’m going to be on the road much of the next 10 days. I’ll add a post when I have time and there’s something interesting, but I won’t be making regular updates to the blog. […]

An Entertaining Trading Story

May 18, 2017

This post tells the story of an investor in Norway decades ago, after oil was discovered in the North Sea. It’s entertaining, and has a good point. Into this frenzy, most traders focused on buying companies which would best benefit from this massive wealth creation. However, the market had discounted this new information, and before […]

Two Interesting Health Articles

May 18, 2017

I know many of you have an interest in Alzheimer’s research and treatment because you’ve known someone with the disease. This article has an interesting take on the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and its approval process for drugs. The thesis is that the FDA’s approval process is too restrictive. The result is that drugs […]

Affluent Retirees Scared to Spend

May 17, 2017

America’s affluent retirees are sitting on piles of cash that they don’t want to spend. A new survey points out that many people who are in their 80s today have more wealth than they did in their 60s and 70s, and that’s because they steadily reduce their spending each year. Further probing found that the […]

Nursing Home Arbitration Agreements are Binding

May 17, 2017

Nursing homes have been joining the list of companies that require customers to sign agreements waiving their rights to go to court. Any disagreements must be taken to arbitration. A Kentucky court had found that the agreements weren’t binding when an agent for a nursing home resident signed the agreement on the resident’s behalf, unless […]

The Job Market in Perspective

May 17, 2017

This blog post gives some long-term perspective on the U.S. employment situation. It concludes that the improvements since 2010 is remarkable for its length and consistency. Not only are unemployment and other figures at extremely low levels, but the improvement has continued without a regression for an extremely long time. But there are also signs […]

The Dangers of Investment Research

May 16, 2017

In the past I’ve linked to various studies finding that academic research in finance (and several other fields) isn’t very reliable. Other researchers have trouble replicating the results of the first research, casting doubt on the results. This article reviews the key studies in that area. It also points out an additional problem with finance […]

Growing America’s Corn Crop

May 16, 2017

America’s farmlands increasingly are being turned over to corn, and much of that corn is being turned into ethanol. This article documents the shift of U.S. farmers to corn, though you don’t see as much in grocery stores. It also explains why it is harder to find other grain products, such as wheat and oats, […]

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