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Underestimating Safe Spending

February 24, 2017

Many people are familiar with the 4% rule, or the safe spending rate. Research indicates you can withdraw the same inflation-adjusted amount from your nest egg for at least 30 years if you withdraw about 4.2% the first year. But a lot of assumptions go into that number. This article points out that one assumption […]

China’s Policies and U.S. Housing

February 24, 2017

The global luxury housing market has been fading in recent months, and some high-end markets in the U.S. had shown weakness. These developments appear to be tied to China’s economic policies more than anything else. China’s trying to protect its currency from devaluation, and one tool is to prevent China’s nationals from spending or investing […]

Kenneth Arrow, R.I.P.

February 24, 2017

Arrow was a pathbreaking economist in a number of areas and the youngest winner of the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Science. This article explains many of his contributions. A downside to his work was that he was a mathematician first and helped make modern economics as dependent on math and equations as it is. […]

Peak Rent

February 23, 2017

This article briefly explains the surge in renting since the financial crisis and why the favorable factors for apartments are changing. There are too many apartments now, and the number of renters isn’t increasing. The drivers were 1) very low new supply, and 2) strong demand (favorable demographics, and people moving from owning to renting). […]

Millionaires are Moving

February 23, 2017

Global millionaires often move to other countries after becoming financially secure. The latest data indicate that Australia is the top destination, with the U.S. and Canada following. Andrew Amoils of New World Wealth, said that when it comes to deciding whether to move and where to live, millionaires are looking mainly for a good education […]

Is Early Retirement Over?

February 23, 2017

The choices of older workers will have a lot of influence on U.S. growth in coming years. The population is aging, and that usually reduces growth. But last year there was a break in a long trend. Older Americans didn’t retire at the same rate as in recent years. Maybe it’s a blip. But maybe […]

An Auto Loan Bubble?

February 22, 2017

Since the economic recovery began, auto loans increased steadily. While mortgages stagnated and still are well below both their peak and average levels, auto loans continued to dominate consumer spending. This article spells out the details and points out that auto loan defaults are increasing. Auto manufacturers used zero interest rates to maintain sales and […]

Investment Lessons from Television

February 22, 2017

This article is about the high number of scripted television shows in production. Some are calling this Peak TV and the Golden Age of Television. I reference the article not because I wanted you to be educated on the current state of television. You might recall a few years back reality television was the hot […]

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