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Emerging Markets 2017: Best Year for a While

December 15, 2017

In Retirement Watch, we began taking emerging market positions in 2015 (bonds) and 2016 (stocks). The moves have been big winners for us. This article points out that in 2017 emerging market stocks had their best year in the last eight. It discusses each of the major emerging market countries briefly, highlighting the key events […]

The New Retirement: Renting

December 15, 2017

The current generation of retirees changed a lot of the rules. Here’s another one. According to this article, senior Americans are driving a lot of the growth in the rental apartment market, and most of these seniors can afford to own their homes. They don’t want to. It’s a lifestyle choice that appears to be […]

Update on China’s Stocks

December 15, 2017

It’s been a very good year for stock investors in China and Hong Kong. This article discusses some of the outsized returns in 2017 and the difficulties faced by long-short hedge funds that buy some stocks and sell short other stocks. It also discusses the volatility of China’s stock exchanges. Much of this year’s gain […]

Gundlach on Interest Rates

December 14, 2017

Jeffrey Gundlach of DoubleLine Funds appeared on CNBC to give his 2018 forecast and his thoughts on a range of issues. Not surprisingly, Gundlach said that interest rates are likely to rise steadily in 2018. He also said that the tax reform plan is likely to have some unintended consequences that hurt junk bonds and […]

The Florida vs. New York Retirement

December 14, 2017

As I’ve written many times before, retirement has changed and will change again. One change is fewer people opting for the stereotypical retirement to Florida or Arizona. This article discusses that change and how to decide which type of retirement is best for you. We all probably know what a “Florida retirement” is. In fairness […]

Roth IRAs for Your Offspring

December 14, 2017

I’ve long recommended that people consider contributing to Roth IRAs for their children and grandchildren to the extent that the youngsters have earned income. It’s a great way to give and establish a foundation for them, and also to help them learn about money management. Here’s an article that explains the strategy in detail. Here’s […]

Closing the Bank of Mom & Dad

December 13, 2017

This article explores a new study that found high percentages of older Americans still provide significant, regular support to their adult children. It also points out that this can endanger the parents’ retirement and gives tips for avoiding the problems. Cell phone bills, followed by transportation, rent and utilities, tops the list of living expenses, […]

Bracing for Higher Interest Rates

December 13, 2017

Two major Wall Street firms have told investors to prepare for the highest rates hikes since 2006 to happen in 2018. They say rates could climb as much as one percentage point. Of course, we’ve heard such forecasts several times since 2009, and they haven’t happened yet. But I believe that in 2018 interest rates […]

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