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Estate Planning for Collections

February 20, 2017

Finding a home for a collection that’s been built over decades is one of the more difficult estate planning problems. This article explains the emotional and logistical hurdles one family faced when trying to place his treasured collection of books. As with many other issues, it is best resolved when the groundwork is done during […]

Eight Thoughts on Aging Gracefully

February 20, 2017

This article was written by a senior scientist in the U.K. who is about to begin a new supervisory role. She reflected back on the experienced supervisors she had as a youngster and is determined not to repeat their mistakes. So, she’s established eight guidelines that apply to most other workplaces and other places in […]

A Critic of Smart Beta

February 17, 2017

Smart beta is a form of stock investing that is sort of passive investing or modified index investing. It first is based on academic research showing that investing based on certain factors increases long-term returns above capitalization-weighted indexes. The definition is fluid, but generally investing in low volatility stocks, undervalued stocks, and other strategies are […]

Morningstar Ratings Updates

February 17, 2017

I don’t follow Morningstar’s ratings much. I like the firm’s data, but its star ratings and others (gold, silver, etc.) don’t interest me. They’re backward-looking and in some cases involve subjective judgments or issues that don’t interest. But it’s important to look at what the firm is doing from time to time. Here’s the firm’s […]

The Retirement Crisis and Course Corrections

February 17, 2017

Many surveys and reports indicate that a high percentage of Baby Boomers aren’t financially prepared for retirement. This leads to discussions of how bad things will be for these future retirees. This survey has a different result. It found, as the others have, that a low percentage of Baby Boomers have their retirement finances in […]

The Cut in Social Security Benefits

February 16, 2017

The full retirement age for Social Security rose to 66 a few years ago. Going forward, it is going to increase steadily for new retirees. This article explains how an increase in the full retirement age is a benefit reduction for most retirees. It also provides some basic background on Social Security, such as how […]

Analyzing Recent Wage Growth

February 16, 2017

Unemployment is very low. Wage growth, which was very tepid for years after the recovery began, has been rising recently but not by a lot. And the increases haven’t been steady. A month or two of above-average wage growth is followed by a slump of one or two months. This article looks at the details […]

2017’s Most Likely Surprise

February 16, 2017

I’ve been saying that the most likely surprise of 2017 is that inflation is higher than most investors expect. Market data indicates that investors expect inflation to remain below 2% as it has the last few years. After years of expecting inflation to rise, investors finally are capitulating and expecting inflation to stay below the […]

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