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Another Example of How Following the Headlines Lowers Returns

October 20, 2017

Index investing is the big headline of the last few years. Investors are leaving active managers for index funds. This article points out that mutual funds that are beating the indexes are losing a lot of investors. It also says a majority of active managers are beating their benchmark indexes. U.S. stock-focused active funds beating […]

Psychopathic Traits Don’t Improve Returns

October 20, 2017

There’s been a debate among some in the financial world as well as among psychologists about the potential benefits of being a psychopath. The issue is whether some degree or ruthlessness, meanness, and other traits of the psychopath are needed to earn high returns. Early research indicated that success was correlated with a higher level […]

Japan’s Recovery

October 19, 2017

Japan finally is recovering from the depression and bear market which began in 1989. Its stock market indexes finally reached new highs. This article summarizes the measures that turned the economy around and what’s likely to happen in the next few years. The web site won’t let me copy and paste a sample, so you’ll […]

How a Poorly-Performing Fund Family Survives

October 19, 2017

Morningstar published an in-depth look at one mutual fund family. Morningstar says the funds at the group are poor performers, yet the funds have a decent number of assets under management, allowing the fund group to gross more in fees than its investors have earned in returns. It’s an interesting profile of the fund family. […]

Examining Thomas Piketty’s Data

October 19, 2017

Thomas Piketty greatly influenced the public debate on income and wealth inequality a few years ago with the publication of his book on the topic. Only recently have researchers started to publish studies of the data produced in the book. This blog post indicates there could be quality problems with the data. It’s interesting, though, […]

OPEC in Distress

October 18, 2017

This article argues that OPEC basically is going out of business because of oil fracking and other changes. It also points out that five key oil-producing countries are in trouble without sustained and higher oil revenues, because they’ve come to depend on them. It analyzes the future of each of the countries. Russia and four […]

The Year Volatility Died

October 18, 2017

This blog post goes through the volatility numbers to show that 2017 is the year with the lowest stock market volatility. Even October, traditionally among the most volatile months, set a record for low volatility. Only 1964 compares. Like 2017, any and all bad news was ignored by the markets in 1964. Why? Nobody truly […]

Social Security COLA Increases

October 18, 2017

Social Security benefits will increase by 2% in 2018, thanks to the annual COLA. It’s the highest increase in years and increases the Social Security wage base to $128,700 for 2018.     […]

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