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Why Treasury Yields Don’t Exceed 3%

August 14, 2018

Since the Federal Reserve began tightening monetary policy, many economists expected yields on treasury bonds to exceed 3%. Investors were burned for several years by betting on higher rates as rates stayed stubbornly low. Even now after rates finally are well above their lows, treasury yields won’t stay above 3% for long. This article gives […]

The End of Momentum Investing?

August 14, 2018

A hedge fund in the U.K. that’s made an international reputation on momentum investing is phasing out its momentum investing products. The head of the firm says too many people are following the strategy, and that’s causing problems. He talks about “steeling” himself before making the decision. Yet this is no dramatic rift with the […]

Security Risks in Online Stock Trading

August 14, 2018

Wired magazine discusses a new report that says almost all of the 40 online trading platforms had some form of security risk. The article discusses specific vulnerabilities and names the platforms with weaknesses by name. I haven’t seen a response from the brokers yet. Lack of robust encryption seems endemic to the industry, but narrower […]

The McDonald’s Monopoly Game Scam

August 13, 2018

Here’s an interesting article with links to several related articles. The main article is about a couple of guys who found a unique idea to sell ideas for movies. But that article is about their latest success, a movie based on an article about scams involving McDonald’s Monopoly game promotion. It seems the scam didn’t […]

The World’s Richest Woman

August 13, 2018

She’s long gone now and many people never heard of her, but Hetty Green was a pioneer in many ways and was considered the richest woman in the world in her day. This profile of her is related to an exhibit of famous women in New York City. Green is often considered a pioneer of […]

Bond King No More

August 13, 2018

Bill Gross, formerly of PIMCO, once was named the bond king. Since moving to Janus Funds, his assets under management have fluctuated a lot. But they’re in steady decline this year because of poor performance. Gross is known for periodically making very large, contrarian bets on the bond market, and one made early in 2018 […]

Another Modest Millionaire

August 10, 2018

This article profiles a New York City eccentric who lives very modestly but owns real estate worth many millions of dollars. They could be worth much more if she’d fix them up and manage them, but she’s more interested in collecting cans. Like Fiekowski’s sloppy jalopy, her uninhabitable investment properties are filled with junk — […]

Don’t Invest in Celebrity Chefs

August 10, 2018

This article explores the many restaurants that were run by celebrity chefs and now have closed. It also reviews celebrity chefs who filed for bankruptcy. You’ll learn why many of these restaurants fail and why it’s such a tough business. The once-flourishing celebrity chef industry has seen dozens of restaurants backed by some of the […]

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