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A Note of Support for the Fed

June 28, 2017

Earlier today I linked to a post by Ben Hunt of Salient Advisors. Hunt was concerned about the Fed’s recently-announced policies. Here’s a counter from John Taylor of Stanford University. The two have different perspectives perhaps because they have different jobs. Hunt works for a money management firm and wants to make profitable investments. Taylor […]

Notes on the Fed’s Changing Policy

June 28, 2017

Ben Hunt of Salient Advisors says the Fed indicated a major change in the statements after its latest meeting. Most investors either don’t understand the change or don’t think it really matter. But Hunt says the Fed no longer will be considering factors such as the stock market when considering its policy moves. Its focus […]

The Outlook for Brexit

June 28, 2017

Over a year ago the U.K.’s voters favored leaving the European Union. Since then, a lot has transpired. How does that affect Britain’s efforts to leave the EU? In this article, Bloomberg surveys some prominent analysts for their current views on what is likely to happen over the next two years. The conclusion you should […]

Why to Fear Market Complacency

June 27, 2017

Market volatility has been very low. That not only in stocks but in most other assets. Investors are complacent. They are focused on other things while leaving their portfolios on automatic pilot. This article discusses why low volatility isn’t likely to be a good thing in the long term. It argues that investors need to […]

Indexing Advocate Changes His Mind

June 27, 2017

Burton Malkiel wrote A Random Walk Down Wall Street in which he advocated investing in index funds. He’s maintained that position since, issuing many revised editions of the book and serving on Vanguard’s board. Now, he’s on the board of a new firm and advocates its active investing style. Read the details here. “Even though […]

Economic Surprises are Negative

June 27, 2017

One widely-watched index that’s worth the attention is Citigroup Economic Surprises Index. The index tracks whether economic data are better than consensus expectations (positive surprises) or worse than consensus (negative surprises). While there isn’t a precise correlation, when there’s a series of negative surprises, that tends to be bad for markets as investors recalibrate their […]

Expecting Average Historic Returns

June 26, 2017

This article reports on a new survey conducted for Legg Mason. The survey says most investors expect that in the coming years they expect to earn the average long-term total return of about 8.5% from their portfolios. The article then reports that a large number of investment professionals believe that’s unrealistic and investors are setting […]

Lessons from the 1960s

June 26, 2017

This article draws parallels between today’s economy and that of the early to mid-1960s. Back then, the economy was at full employment, but inflation wasn’t rising. Shortly after that, inflation started to rise rapidly, eventually hitting uncomfortable high rates. Is that likely to happen in the near future. The article discusses what’s similar today and […]

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