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Best Places to Retire: The Trouble With Surveys

February 22, 2018

When I discuss how to decide where to live in retirement, I recommend that people not pay much attention to surveys and rankings. I’ve seen many of them over the years. While they’re interesting, a survey ranking doesn’t help an individual make a decision. You probably don’t give factors the same priority or weighting as […]

Not-So-Mobile America in Retirement

May 29, 2014

People like to think of Americans as being very mobile, moving from state to state. There’s a belief that most Americans move after retiring. Most of that isn’t true. About 70% of Americans live in the state where they were born, according to a recent study. Why people move is an issue of some contention. […]

Deciding Where to Move in Retirement?

August 9, 2013

One of the myths about retirement is that people move to a new retirement location. Data indicate about 80% of people don’t move or don’t move very far after retiring or even later in retirement. But if you’re one of those considering a retirement or even a pre-retirement move, consider a new study. The authors […]

Where to Grow Older

March 1, 2013

Success in most things in life often can be accomplished largely on our own. But successful aging requires some help and a proper environment. You’ll find a lot of surveys of best places to retire. But the Milken Institute offers a unique approach with its Best Cities for Successful Aging. The institute set five goals […]

Best Places to Retire

January 24, 2013

Most people, something like 80%, retire in or very close to the homes they lived in before retirement. Despite that, many media outlets and organizations like to publish lists of the best and worth places to retire. This post from Forbes highlights a survey from There are a lot of reasons to criticize the […]

Worst State for Retirement

January 31, 2012

It’s easy to find guides to the best places to retire. There are numerous books and articles. But it’s not so easy to find a list of places you shouldn’t retire to. Of course, you could pick up the latest Census report and see which areas are losing population. But the web site put […]

Where Not to Retire

July 7, 2011

Few people realize that taxes are one of the largest expenses in most retirement budgets. It’s not only the federal income tax you should be concerned about but the full range of state, local, and federal taxes. The state and local taxes vary considerably. Also, some areas give tax breaks to the silver set, while […]

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