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Best and Worst Cities for Successful Aging

Last update on: Mar 15 2020

The Milken Institute’s rankings of localities is different from others directed at retirees. MI ranks areas based on successful aging. Unlike the others, it looks at a wide range of data that costs a lot to gather and process. It doesn’t focus on weather and activities, though those can be factors. A key distinction of the MI rankings is that it looks at results, such as the health and longevity of current older adults. The web page can lead you to the full report, an interactive map of the U.S., and slide shows of the top ranked big cities and small cities.

Our “Best Cities” index goes deeper than the many
top 10 retirement lists based on opinion surveys and
rankings that often rely on just a few characteristics like
weather or living costs. These factors are only part of
the complex infrastructure and social context that affect
health, productivity, and purpose as people age. Indeed,
“Best Cities for Successful Aging” is not about the best
places to retire. To the contrary, it offers a broad focus
on livability across the life course.
Our research staff, with the input of our Center for the
Future of Aging Board of Advisors, employs a weighted,

multidimensional methodology based on a range of

factors that influence aging. We use indicators from
publicly available data that reflect key characteristics
commonly cited by experts as important to age-friendly




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