Medicare Premiums Rise For 2019

Last update on: Jun 04 2020

Medicare announced the premiums and other costs for 2019. There’s a modest increase in the standard Part B premium to $135.50 per month from $134.00.

As income increases, so do Part B premiums under the Medicare Surtax, or IRMAA, provision. This is where it can get very expensive for very high earners. For 2019, there are new brackets with higher premiums.

In 2018, The top bracket for married couples was adjusted gross income above $320,000 ($160,000 for singles). The monthly premium for everyone above those income levels is $428.60, regardless of how far above the levels income is.

But in 2019, married couples with AGI above $267,000 and up to $320,000 will pay $352.20 monthly. When AGI is above $320,000 and less than $750,000, the monthly premium in 2019 will be $433.40. When AGI is above $750,000, the monthly premium will be $460.50.

Details are at the Medicare web site here.


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