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Medicare Prescription Drug Program – Answering 2 Key Questions

Last update on: Dec 27 2018

Two questions frequently are generated by the Medicare Prescription Drug Program.

Where can I learn more about my options? There are numerous sources of help for the new drug plan.

Start with the free publication, Medicare and You. The 2006 edition was mailed recently to all Medicare beneficiaries and is available on the Medicare web site at This should be the first source you check.

Also, check the Medicare web site at This site has the latest information, copies of Medicare publications, and a tool to help you compare the programs available in your area.

Call Medicare at 800-MEDICARE. Medicare employees will answer questions about the program and tell you about the different plans available in your area.

The Medicare Rights Center bills itself as an advocacy group for Medicare recipients. It has a web site with detailed information on the prescription drug plan at

The Kaiser Family Foundation ( also has a lot of information and referrals to additional sources under its Medicare tab.

Your local Area Office on Aging (a state agency) should offer assistance to seniors who are evaluating Medicare Prescription Drug Plan options.

Other organizations, such as AARP, are offering help at both the local and national levels. Check with a local chapter or visit the web site at

How do I enroll?

There are several ways to enroll in a Medicare Prescription Drug plan. The sign up process can be initiated on the Medicare web site ( or by calling 800-MEDICARE. Or contact the plan you are joining. It will be glad to take care of the sign up process.


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