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Signs You Retired Too Early

Published on: Sep 13 2017

Retiring early is the goal for many people, but you can retire too early. Both you and your finances need to be ready for your working years to end. This article lists five signs that you might have retired too early and should consider going back to work.

Retirement wasn’t quite what you expected, and you’re feeling more restless than relaxed. You’re not alone: roughly 30% of retirees would return to the workforce if given the chance, and the benefits are tangible. In addition to extra income, remaining employed is better for your brain according to a 2013 French health study, which found that the risk of dementia increased by 15% among retirees who left their jobs by age 60.

On the other hand, participants who worked as little as five years more remained engaged and mentally fit. Consider your personal temperament and how you’re handling the hours of free time. You might find value in working longer.




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