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As financial scams get more common and devious, Bob Carlson shares his expertise to help subscribers stay up to date

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Why Sophisticated People Are Likely to be Scammed

May 5, 2022

The stereotype of which people are susceptible to scams and frauds often is wrong. People who never expected to be victims of scams and frauds often are scammed and really are among the most vulnerable. The stereotype is that older people with reduced cognitive abilities are the most likely to be scammed. But many other […]

Unveiling the One Best Way to Avoid Financial Scams, Fraud and Abuse

December 12, 2019

In the last few years, I’ve studied a lot of the research about frauds and scams. I’ve concluded there is one best way to reduce dramatically the probability that you’ll be taken advantage of by either strangers or people close to you. Most people think they know how to avoid being a victim of financial […]

The Tarkenton Plan to Avoid Financial Scams and Abuse

April 24, 2019

Financial scams and abuse, especially against older Americans, more than doubled over the last five years, according to reports from financial services firms. Part of the reason for the increase is that financial firms are more alert for signs of fraud and abuse. They also have more actions they’re allowed to take when they see […]


How To Protect Your Social Security Benefits from Identity Theft

April 22, 2019

Identity theft continues to grow, and your Social Security benefits are a favorite target of the identity thieves. After the thieves obtain your Social Security number and other personal information, they apply for benefits in your name (if you aren’t already receiving benefits)… and then have the money deposited in their own accounts. If you’re […]

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Beat the Latest Scams To Steal Your Identity

December 17, 2018

The world’s thieves constantly are changing their methods, and you have to keep up with them to protect yourself. Not long ago, the major scam involved IRS imposters demanding immediate payment over the phone using gift cards. That scam largely is shut down. The IRS issued a number of alerts warning about the scam. Also, […]

How Seniors Can Better Protect Themselves from Financial Fraud

November 27, 2018

Many believe that Wall Street and the financial services industry exist primarily to siphon money from people through high fees, excess trading, complicated products and other means. But a significant segment of the financial world is working to protect seniors from being abused or conned… And new rules are helping the change. In fact, in […]

Steps To Protect Your Financial Accounts

October 11, 2018

Even the largest firms are unable to keep their data systems from being hacked. That’s why it’s important to aggressively protect your financial accounts from hacking. This article presents a good review of the actions to not, and not to take, to maximize protection of their accounts. You should also be wary of calls, texts […]

Scams That Target The Elderly

September 14, 2018

This article from Charles Schwab & Co. explains why scam artists like to target the elderly and discusses steps you can take to avoid scams. One of the best ways to help protect yourself from financial exploitation is to stay connected to the people in your life. Scam artists often befriend lonely older people, only […]

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