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The Overlooked Retirement Time Bomb

My file of articles about retiree medical expenses is filling rapidly with unpleasant headlines. One sample sums up the group: “How Safe Are Your Retiree Health Benefits?” Numerous surveys and my own experience lead to one conclusion: Most retirees and pre-retirees greatly underestimate how much medical expenses will be during retirement and are mistaken about […]


More Medicare Changes

Prescription drug coverage is not the only change coming to Medicare. This year Medicare began offering new preventive benefits. New members receive a free “welcome to Medicare” physical. Also covered now are screening tests for cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. The annual deductible for Part B also is rising to $105 and will be indexed for […]


Get Ready for Medicare’s Drug Option

Medicare members are about to be bombarded with information and sales pitches. You have a decision to make that could have a significant effect on your finances and health. You need to start preparing now. The Medicare prescription drug benefit that was enacted in 2003 takes effect in 2006. November 2005 begins the sign-up period […]


A Medicare Prescription Drug Update

The Medicare Prescription Drug Discount Card program now is up and running, producing both benefits and controversy. Seniors could sign up for a program starting May 1 and could begin using the cards June 1. Advertising for the cards by both the government and card sponsors began in May. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid […]


Medicare Drug Discount Rolled Out

Medicare announced its first group of endorsed prescription drug discount cards. Medicare members can enroll in one of the discount programs after May 2, 2004. The cards can be used beginning June 1, 2004. The web site has a feature that makes it easy to find the discount card programs that are available to […]


The New Private Medicare Plans

The sales pitches are back, enticing seniors to join HMOs and other private health plans. Congress has changed the law again, this time to encourage firms to offer these alternative plans to regular Medicare. In 1997 Congress reduced reimbursements to Medicare HMOs and other private Medicare plans. As a result, many HMOs stopped participating and […]


The Medicare Overhaul: An Update

We’re getting more details about the most significant parts of the Medicare prescription drug law that was enacted in late 2003. The two key provisions are Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) and prescription discount cards. The new Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) for people under age 65 were reviewed in detail in January. Recall that the accounts […]


Decisions to Make Under Your New Medicare

Prescription drug benefits and other changes are coming to Medicare. Let’s take a look some details, the timetable, and the actions you should consider over the next few years. Keep in mind that the prescription drug provisions are voluntary. You don’t have to leave your current benefit structure unless you want to or the provider […]

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