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Taxes in Retirement

Bob Carlson of Retirement Watch on how to manage your taxes and planning strategies to pay less

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Which States Are the “New Best” Retirement Tax Havens?

November 17, 2017

Taxes, especially when all types of taxes are added together, are one of the largest expenses of most retirees. State and local taxes are a big portion of the taxes paid, and many people don’t realize the total they’re paying in all those taxes. Of course, some states are considered high-tax states and others are […]


How to Navigate the “Kiddie Tax”

September 22, 2017

Shifting assets and income to your children and grandchildren can provide many benefits, including tax benefits. That’s why Congress set up hurdles to keep you from enjoying all the potential tax benefits. When planning gifts of investments to your loved ones, be aware of the kiddie tax. This tax was created in 1986 to reduce […]

Taxes and Investment Returns

September 15, 2017

The amount you keep after taxes is what counts, as this article makes clear. It’s nice to make a good investment, but you have to manage the taxes as well as the investments. The article shows just how important taxes are to your returns. Failure to manage income taxes can reduce the life of your […]


“Stealth Taxes” – How to Avoid Getting Taxed on Social Security Benefits

August 18, 2017

Have you heard of “stealth taxes?” I call them that because people often don’t know about the taxes before getting bitten by them. One of the worst stealth taxes for retirees is the income tax on Social Security retirement benefits. Some aren’t aware of the tax when they retire. Others are exempt from the tax […]


What you don’t know about retirement can hurt you. In fact, just a few wrong decisions in your investments, taxes, or estate planning could completely derail your retirement plans. Worse yet, the rules of the game keep changing, making it harder to keep up. For these reasons, I’ve assembled all the key points – everything you need to know — into one comprehensive report. Click here today for free access.

Leveraging the Tax Code to Make Your Nest Egg Last Years Longer

July 27, 2017

Would you like to make your nest egg last years longer during retirement? Would you like to do that without worrying about the markets or searching for the hottest investments? You can. Over the years my research, confirmed by others, found a nest egg will last years longer if you pay attention to a few tax […]

Managing Your Taxable Accounts for Maximum After-Tax Returns

May 23, 2017

Too many investors wait until late in the year to maximize after-tax investment returns. That costs them a lot of money. Later this year, most financial publications and websites will run articles on “year end tax planning for investors.” The problem is you should be mulling these strategies all year. Every time you consider a […]

Deducting Medical Expenses and Claiming Tax Benefits for Supporting Others

April 26, 2017

Households are a lot different than they used to be. You might be supporting adult children and your parents (or in-laws) or both. There also might be people who aren’t related to you by blood or marriage living in your home. You could be supporting or helping to support someone who doesn’t live with you, […]

Trusts as IRA Beneficiaries: Reaping the Benefits, Avoiding the Pitfalls

April 26, 2017

There are many good reasons to name a trust as an IRA beneficiary. But there also are some hazards to avoid. Trusts can make an Inherited IRA last longer. Through the trust terms and appointment of the trustee, you control how much money is distributed to the trust beneficiaries. For example, the trust can retain […]

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