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Taxes in Retirement

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Preparing for the New Tax Forms

December 1, 2009

Be prepared for a more complicated tax return for 2009, even if you have an uncomplicated tax situation. New forms, triggered by new tax breaks and rules, mean few people will have simple, straightforward returns. One major change is a new Schedule L, which in its draft form had 21 steps. Schedule L will be […]

Windfall for Retirees on the Move

December 1, 2009

Congress created a financial windfall for retirees and those near retirement. When it extended the first-time home buyer’s credit in November it also greatly expanded the credit. The $8,000 credit for first-time buyers (and those who haven’t owned a home for at least three years before the closing) was extended, and a new $6,500 credit […]

Taxing Gains on Gold ETFs

November 1, 2009

The IRS continues to issue positions on exchange-traded funds that hold gold and other precious metals. Previously we reported good news for investors who owned gold ETFs in IRAs and other retirement accounts. The standard rules are retirement accounts are not allowed to purchase collectibles, and precious metals are collectibles. But the IRS ruled privately […]

Taking Advantage of the 0% Tax Rate

November 1, 2009

There still is time to take advantage of the 0% tax rate. This special tax benefit was put in effect for select taxpayers in 2008, 2009, and 2010 for their long-term capital gains and qualified dividends. Even if you are a higher-bracket taxpayer, you may be able to benefit from the 0% rate. The 0% […]


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PLanning Your Financial Makeover

October 1, 2009

Only a few years ago most of us could let some financial details and tasks slip through the cracks. The economy and investment markets were doing so well most of us could afford to miss opportunities to save money or increase wealth. That is not the case today. Interest rates are low and even after […]

Year-End Tax Planning is Different This Year

September 1, 2009

Year-end tax planning will be unique and tricky this year. The usual year-end strategies are complicated by the potential for significant tax increases over the next couple of years and the lack of details we have today. In addition, the incentive to convert traditional IRAs into Roth IRAs in 2010 provides a fresh wrinkle, which […]

Working While Receiving Social Security

August 1, 2009

Investment losses and rising costs are driving many Social Security recipients back to the work place. A question to consider is how earning income affects Social Security benefits. One of the original goals of Social Security was to remove people from the work force. Unemployment was high. Social Security would gradually induce older workers to […]

The IRS and Gold ETFs

July 1, 2009

In last month’s visit we discussed the tax treatment of various gold investments. Investments in bullion and coins are considered collectibles. These assets cannot be held in an IRA. If an IRA purchases a collectible, it will be treated as a distribution of the amount of the purchase. The amount must be included in gross […]


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