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Strategies for maximizing your Individual Retirement Account (IRA’s) Investments, Tax Savings and Timing of Required Minimum Distributions

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RMD Mistakes, Misunderstandings and Myths You Must Avoid

November 15, 2019

A few years ago, the IRS discovered required minimum distributions (RMDs) were a potential gold mine for it. A study of tax returns found taxpayers ages 70½ and older made many mistakes with RMDs from IRAs and employer Retirement plans. Recent surveys of taxpayers also reveal that many people aren’t well-informed about RMDs. When the […]

The Backdoor That Can Add Up to $37,000 to Your Roth IRA Every Year

October 24, 2019

Higher-income taxpayers often are shut out of the benefits of a Roth IRA. Contributions can be made to a Roth IRA only when your adjusted gross income (AGI) is be-low a certain level: $193,000 for a married couple filing jointly in 2019 and $122,000 for a single taxpayer. When AGI is above that level, the […]

2 Ways To Avoid the ‘Double Tax’ on Your Retirement Benefits

October 22, 2019

As you know, IRAs and other retirement plans are included in the estate of the owner… And subject to federal estate taxes — when the estate is valuable enough. Here’s what many people don’t know: Unlike other assets, the tax basis of IRAs is not increased to current fair market value by those who inherit […]

Avoid These Frequent Rollover Mistakes

September 24, 2019

The rollover is the most frequent IRA transaction. Yet, it is fraught with traps and is the source of many expensive mistakes. You want to avoid the two nasty consequences of rollovers that don’t comply with the fine points of the tax law. An improper rollover usually is included in gross income and taxed as […]


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7 Critical Year-End Actions to Take with IRAs and 401(k)s

September 17, 2019

This is not the year to procrastinate about year-end retirement account and tax planning. In the last weeks of every year, I receive a stream of emails from readers asking about transactions they are considering by the end of the year. In most cases, even if they can analyze the situations and decide on the […]

7 Things You Must Know About IRAs and 401(k)s

July 23, 2019

Almost everyone has an IRA and a 401(k) account. Many people have more than one of each. Yet, important facts about these accounts aren’t well-known. You need to know this information to maximize the after-tax value of the accounts. I find that even many accountants, attorneys and financial planners don’t know these details. Knowing them […]

August 2019 Newsletter

July 16, 2019

Find out about our latest recommendations, and all of the most recent market-moving news, in the newest issue of Retirement Watch that has just been completed. I invite you to download the issue as soon as you have a chance. As a valued subscriber, we want you to have this information as quickly as possible. […]

Congress Plans to Kill the Stretch IRA, But You Can Do An End-Around

June 27, 2019

We’re nearing a critical time for many Individual Retirement Account (IRA) owners. Advance IRA planning will be imperative if you want to maximize the after-tax value of your IRA for heirs and avoid the new tax burden Congress has in mind. As I explained last month, despite the deadlock and division in Washington, the Setting […]

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