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Retirement Know-How: How to Get the Most from Your Retirement

April 30, 2024

Click the PDF below to read this Special Report. […]

How To Get Supplemental Social Security Benefits – as a Grandparent Caregiver

November 28, 2022

More and more grandparents and great-grandparents are the primary caregivers and source of support for their grandchildren and great-grandchildren. The latest data indicate that 8% of grandparents have grandchildren living with them. There are many reasons grandparents assume full responsibility for grandchildren. The grandchild’s parents might have died. The parent might be coping with substance […]

The Retirement Watch Family Caregiver Planning Guide

June 9, 2020

Family caregiver planning has some simple rules… And some not-so-simple rules. For starters, any caregiver agreements involving family members should be in writing. That is, unless the person providing the care is being altruistic (being a friend), and expects nothing in return now or in the future. Often when one family member provides care for […]

Love Your Grandchildren But Don’t Let Them Ruin Your Retirement

January 17, 2020

You’re probably spending more on your grandchildren then you realize, and it could hurt your retirement. Grandparents are spending a lot of money on their grandchildren, according to an AARP study. On average, grandparents spend $2,572 annually on the grandchildren, the study found. But that’s only an average. Many spend much more. Also, it’s a […]

How to Exploit Your Grandchild’s Best Asset

October 28, 2019

Elaine recently welcomed the first grandchild, a granddaughter, into our family. A grandchild, especially an infant grandchild, has at least one substantial asset that the rest of us don’t. Time is working in favor of these youngsters. It’s too bad that people don’t come into the world knowing the power of compounded returns and determined […]

Retire ‘Retirement’? The New Senior Living Lifestyle

March 18, 2019

More and more often I see someone argue that we should stop using the word “retirement” and abandon the whole concept of retirement. Retire retirement, they say. They argue that people are living longer, healthier, more active lives. “Retired” people no longer have sedentary lifestyles that occasionally are interrupted by shuffleboard and card games. Surveys […]

How To Live Longer

October 26, 2018

Life expectancy is increasing in Spain. The country appears to be on track to have the longest-lived citizenry, bypassing Japan. According to this article, researchers credit life style changes with the expansion of life expectancy. Three key factors are extending lives. Fernando de la Fuente, who has run a fruit and veg stall in the […]

Some Common Retirement Misconceptions

August 3, 2018

Most people aren’t experts on retirement, so it’s understandable that they have some misunderstanding about retirement finances. This article reviews some of the more common misunderstandings people have about their retirement finances, and explains how they can lead to trouble. High Yield Is Better Than Low Yield Well duh. How can 5 percent interest not […]

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