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Update on Medical Solutions to Aging

December 19, 2017

Here’s an interesting article that provides both an update on efforts by drug companies to find medication that changes the aging process and how Washington regulators might stand in the way if such drugs were developed. The approach now being taken differs from what scientists were pursuing a decade ago (and longer), and the ethical […]

Anti-Aging: About Those Brain Improvement Exercises

December 12, 2017

You’ve all seen ads for various products designed to “keep your brain young.” The goal is to avoid or postpone dementia, or at least the regular cognitive declines that affect people as they age. This article delves into the research and discusses the different findings. Some researchers say there is promise in the science. Others […]

Risk Aversion and Aging

October 26, 2017

People tend to become more risk averse as they get older. This paper points out that when the average age of a society increases, the entire society becomes more risk averse. That can affect a number of factors, such as stock market returns, interest rates, foreign policy, and more. The empirical results indicate that willingness […]

Athletes Show How to Age Slowly

September 1, 2017

This article argues that people shouldn’t be focused on increasing “life span” but on increasing “health span.” The health span is the period of time a person lives without the chronic conditions and diseases generally associated with aging. Research with masters, or senior, athletes finds that they age at a slower rate than others. The […]

Mastering Aging: How to Have a Successful Retirement?

June 9, 2017

Many people flounder in retirement, because there aren’t enough resources to help them develop successful retirements. There now is a class available called Aging Mastery available through the National Council on Aging. Read here for more details. Watts met classmates who have turned into real friends. She also learned about an important aspect of managing […]

Good News About Becoming Older

January 6, 2017

Much has changed about aging in the U.S. over the last few decades, especially in the U.S. Most people haven’t kept up with the changes and still have a false view of things. This article points out some of the changes and how they have saved Medicare money and will save more in the future. […]

Aging and Anxieties

August 22, 2016

This article discusses how long-term anxieties often ruin retirement. It says that many people are able to cope with or hide them for most of their adult years. Also, researchers now believe that anxieties might become worse as we age. It says many people let anxieties ruin their retirements, because they don’t recognize them or […]

Aging and Medical Care

May 7, 2015

The medical system doesn’t treat aging people well, especially when they are in hospitals, according to several recent books by medical doctors. This article discusses several of the books and explains why older Americans don’t receive good medical care unless their children or others who care about them are heavily involved in the care process. […]

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