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Good News About Becoming Older

Published on: Jan 06 2017

Much has changed about aging in the U.S. over the last few decades, especially in the U.S. Most people haven’t kept up with the changes and still have a false view of things. This article points out some of the changes and how they have saved Medicare money and will save more in the future. It also points out that you should consider these changes when reviewing your medical care instructions.

Scientists call this overall improvement in aging “compression of morbidity.” The elderly live longer, stay healthier, and have shorter illnesses at the end of life.

All the more reason for seniors to resist making politically correct end-of-life medical plans or advance directives that forgo medical interventions, long before they’re actually facing a terminal illness. They shouldn’t rule out the use of tools like respirators and feeding tubes that could keep them going during a bout of flu or an accident, allowing them to recover and resume active lives.




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