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The European Crisis and Aging Populations

February 19, 2015

Many people argue that an aging population (one where older people are a higher percentage of the population) leads to lower economic growth. George Friedman of disagrees. He says there’s no reason an aging or shrinking population has to lead to lower growth. As long as technology and capital are available to adjust, growth […]

Rethinking Aging

December 4, 2014

Things improve and life gets better as we age, according to new research cited in The Wall Street Journal. (Subscription might be required.) In addition to higher life satisfaction, many older people are able to use knowledge and certain types of intelligence to offset the age-related cognitive decline. The stereotypical older person who is grumpy, […]

Where to Age Well

December 1, 2014

I always caution about studies that rank areas of the country for retirement or other purposes, but especially for retirement. Yet, they always are good to read and review if you’re considering moving during retirement. (Keep in mind that most people don’t move in retirement.) The Milken Institute has perhaps the most interesting survey of […]

Living to 120

November 11, 2014

There isn’t a special vitamin or other single things you can do to extend longevity. But a Longevity Science Panel in the U.K., a group of scientists and other experts, has been reviewing the studies and literature. They’ve reached a conclusion about the steps people need to take to increase their longevity. They also believe […]

Aging as a State of Mind

October 24, 2014

This long New York Times article is about a Harvard psychologist, some of whose studies seek to show that aging and health can be influenced by attitudes and other mental attributes. It makes some interesting points and describes interesting research, though the ideas of using the mind to cure disease or slow aging are far […]

Older People and Friendships

August 5, 2014

This post is anecdotal, not research based, but it’s interesting. The author’s theory is that older people are more willing to “fire” their friends. He thinks younger people have more but shallower relationships and that younger people’s relationships are more group-oriented, so firing one friend has repercussions with others. In the past few years, I’ve […]

Age and Financial Decisions

October 15, 2013

I write regularly about the research on aging and financial decisions. It doesn’t matter how smart you are. Analytical decisionmaking declines, and it begins to decline earlier than most people think. There are ways to deal with this, other than turning your decisionmaking over to other people. But the coping mechanism isn’t what most people […]

Enjoying Your 90s

July 12, 2013

A lot of people assume that once you live past 80 or so, both your physical and mental abilities decline and you have an inactive happy life. Recent research is showing that’s no longer the case. Improvements have been made in many areas, so that people who live past 90 have much better physical and […]


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