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Protecting Your Social Security Benefits from ID Thieves

June 4, 2018

Identity theft continues to grow, and your Social Security benefits are a favorite target of the identity thieves. After the thieves obtain your Social Security number and other personal information, they apply for benefits in your name, if you aren’t already receiving benefits, and have the money deposited in their own accounts. If you’re already […]

When To Take Social Security Benefits

June 4, 2018

This article discusses the basics of how to decide when to begin Social Security retirement benefits. It explains the break-even point, which is 77 to 78 for most people. It also explains different ways to include inflation adjustments in your calculations as well as potential investment returns. It also explains some key mistakes people make […]

Timing Your Social Security Checks

May 8, 2018

This article isn’t talking about the age you choose to begin receiving Social Security benefits. Instead, it says that the time of the month the payments arrive often determines how well off a retiree is. Apparently, many recipients spend a lot of their checks when they come in. If the checks arrive about the time […]

12 Social Security Myths and Mistakes

May 4, 2018

Social Security is a foundation of retirement income for most retirees, and it increases in value as one ages. Yet, few people really understand how the program works or the benefits it offers. Mistakes and misunderstandings about Social Security cost many people and their loved ones tens of thousands of dollars, or more, over their […]

Key Social Security Mistakes

April 30, 2018

Social Security is an important part of retirement income, yet most people are mistaken about key elements of Social Security. This article discusses a recent survey by Nationwide Retirement Institute. The survey found most Americans are way off base on key parts of the program such as how much money they’re likely to receive from […]

Technology And The Future Of Wall Street

April 10, 2018

Human traders are being phased out of the stock markets and technology is taking over. This article describes how only three firms are in a position to develop and manage the technology needed to trade and manage all that trading. it talks about all the money the three firms are pouring into technology, their attempts […]

Social Security Shortchanges Widows, Widowers

March 22, 2018

Not for the first time, the Social Security Inspector General issued a report concluding that the Social Security Administration systematically shortchanges widows and widowers. Here’s how it works. When a spouse dies, a surviving spouse who is younger than age 70 has a choice to file only for a survivor’s benefit now and to later […]

Social Security Underpays Widowed Beneficiaries

February 22, 2018

For the second time in four years and third time since 2008, the Social Security Office of the Inspector General concluded that the agency is significantly underpaying benefits to widowed beneficiaries. The latest report found that it doesn’t tell surviving spouses that they can apply for survivor’s benefits before age 70 and delay receipt of […]


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