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Life Expectancy Calculators

Published on: May 07 2018

Estimating life expectancy is an important element of a good retirement plan. Your plan will be very different if you expect to live another 40 years after retiring than it would be if retirement is expected to last only 10 years. This article explains why estimating life expectancy is important and explains how to do it. it also reviews online life expectancy calculators and recommends seven.

The average life expectancy for a 65-year-old American is 17.7 years for a male and 20.3 years for a female. That means that — according to the Social Security Administration — the average 65 year old man will live until almost 83 and the average woman will live until over 85. But at least half of us will live even longer — a lot longer.

And there is a twist, the longer we live, the longer we will live. A longer life begets an even longer life. While, a 65-year-old American man can expect to live to almost 83, an 85 year old man can expect to live past 90 — on average.




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