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Really Helping the Grandkids

Last update on: Feb 02 2017

Too often these days it seems that things parents and grandparents do to help the youngsters actually are harmful over the long run. I’m not talking too much about financial help, though that is a factor. Read this. It covers both actions and failures to act.

2. We rescue too quickly

Today’s generation of young people has not developed some of the life skills kids did 30 years ago because adults swoop in and take care of problems for them. When we rescue too quickly and over-indulge our children with “assistance,” we remove the need for them to navigate hardships and solve problems on their own. It’s parenting for the short-term and it sorely misses the point of leadership—to equip our young people to do it without help. Sooner or later, kids get used to someone rescuing them: “If I fail or fall short, an adult will smooth things over and remove any consequences for my misconduct.” When in reality, this isn’t even remotely close to how the world works, and therefore it disables our kids from becoming competent adults.



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