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Your 20-Minute Estate Plan: Building a Lasting Legacy

April 17, 2023

Estate planning should be a key part of your financial planning. Unfortunately most planning experts shroud the topic in complex tax, legal, and insurance jargon that will disinterest most people. I’ve put together this report to provide you with simple, practical explanations that will help determine the right elements of your estate plan. To learn more, click the PDF below. […]

Protect Your Legacy by Taking the Steps Most People Don’t

January 17, 2020

Most Americans know the legacy they want to leave, but few take even the minimal steps to ensure that legacy. A legacy is what you leave behind, especially to heirs and loved ones. A legacy can include things, such as money, property and other tangible items. Some of these items might have monetary value while […]

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Legacy Planning & Your Estate Planning: Part 2

May 25, 2018

When it comes to legacy planning, it’s all about the details. Before deciding to make specific bequests or other gifts from your estate, consider these additional strategies discussed below. Beneficiary designations Bequests of cash or property from your estate often are not the most tax efficient way to make charitable gift. That’s especially true when appreciated […]

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Enhancing Your Estate Planning Legacy with a Family Love Letter

November 10, 2016

Your estate plan is part of your legacy, but your legacy should be more than financial assets, material possessions and legal documents. For more and more people, the final touch to their estate plans is what sometimes is known as an ethical will. I call it a family love letter. Others have called it a […]

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How to Make Your Estate Planning Personal: Your Legacy and Ethical Will

January 1, 2014

Your estate plan doesn’t have to be only a bunch of documents drafted by lawyers. While the legal documents are essential, they don’t have to be the complete pack-age. You can wrap it up  by adding some personal touches to the plan. This touch often enhances both the plan and your legacy. You also might […]

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Estate Planning for Your Legacy

February 1, 2013

There are no more excuses for procrastination and delay. The estate and gift tax law finally is set. There are no more temporary or expiring pro-visions or transition periods. People no longer can say they don’t want to incur the cost of Estate Planning that might have to be re-written in a few months because […]

The Four Goals of Legacy Estate Planning

May 1, 2009

Over the years we stressed to our members that Estate Planning is about much more than taxes. For many decades, people believed estate planning and estate tax planning were the same thing. That was understandable when the lifetime estate tax exemption was $600,000. Many “modest millionaires” who considered themselves middle class would be hit by […]


How to Leave a Legacy that Lasts Generations

June 1, 2007

Many people hope to leave some wealth to help their children and perhaps their grandchildren. Others want to see the wealth benefit even more generations. Instead of leaving it all to one or two generations, they want to spread income and emergency funds beyond the family members who know them. This goal can be accomplished […]


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