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Estate Planning

What Will and Estate Planning Documents and Estate Planning Forms Do You Need and Why Are They Important?

December 19, 2019

Estate planning is more important than ever. Estate planning is about seeing that your hard-earned wealth goes to those you want to have it, and in the most efficient way possible. Many people left their loved ones in difficult straits because they didn’t realize that, and many more are likely to do so in the […]

Estate Planning

The Essential Estate Planning Questionnaire Provides Simple Questions in Preparing for Retirement

November 20, 2019

Estate Planning is not all about reducing estate taxes. That always was the case, but few people realized the importance of the non-tax factors until the 2001 tax law began the phase out of the estate tax. Every estate plan, regardless of the estate’s size, needs to address certain issues. Ignore these issues, and your […]

7 Essential Estate Planning Documents & Strategies

May 22, 2019

You can save your loved ones months or years of time, frustration and anguish. All you have to do is make sure your estate plan has all the essential documents and that key people know where to locate them. As I’ve said before, Estate Planning is about much more than tax reduction. A complete estate […]

estate planning

Power of Attorney: The Most Important Document in Your Estate Plan

June 29, 2018

The financial Power of Attorney (POA) could be the most important document in your estate plan. Yet, many people don’t have one. And many people who do have a power of attorney didn’t give it much thought and have inadequate documents. Adverse results can range from bills not being paid on time to trusted people […]

Estate Planning

Why is the Power of Attorney an Essential Estate Planning Tool

November 1, 2012

Many people use the last part of the year to put their financial houses in order. Yet, one move many overlook is to create or revise their powers of attorney. You need more than one POA, and they are an essential part of every estate plan, regardless of the value of your estate. You should […]


Six Kinds of Estate Planning Family Documents to Secure

June 1, 2003

Some documents are so important that they, or copies, should be stored securely. I don’t recommend a safe deposit box, for reasons explained in my June 2002 visit, which is available in the web site Archive. Consider a fireproof container or keeping copies at both the home and the office. The Federal Emergency Management Agency […]

estate planning

Two Estate Planning Documents You Must Have

July 1, 2002

An estate plan might contain many documents. Estate plans that fail, however, often do so because of two key and often overlooked documents. Take care that these documents are in your estate plan and meet your needs. The first document to consider is the durable power of attorney. Most of us won’t ever use this document, […]

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