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estate planning

Managing the Key Players in Your Estate Planning Strategy (Your Heirs, Beneficiaries, Executors, and Trustees)

June 22, 2018

In last week’s story, we reviewed the major potential “surrogates” in estate plans (the agents, trustees, executors, and others). Today we offer some pointers for reducing problems you may face with surrogate designations. Know all the surrogates you designated Review financial accounts, insurance policies, and estate planning documents to be sure you know who currently […]

estate planning

The #1 Rule to Follow in Your Estate Planning: Executor and Trustee Designations

June 15, 2018

There’s a time bomb ticking in many estate plans, possibly even in yours. You likely won’t even know if the bomb goes off… or, for that matter, how big the explosion will be. You see, the “bomb” is the person — or people — you name to act for you. Whether they act during your […]

An Overview of Estate Settlement for Executors, Trustees, and Beneficiaries

November 9, 2017

After someone dies, an executor is in charge of the estate. There are a lot of steps involved in the estate settlement process. This article gives an overview of the many steps involved with tips on how to handle them. Sometimes, an executor may not even be needed. The most obvious reason being if an […]

estate planning

Managing the Beneficiaries, Heirs, Trustees, and Executors in Your Estate Planning Process

May 23, 2017

There’s a time bomb ticking in many estate plans. You likely won’t know if the bomb explodes. The bombs explode in many estates, however, and the only question is how big the explosion will be. The “bomb” is the person, or people, you name to act for you. Whether they act during your lifetime or […]

The Dangers of Picking the Wrong Trustees

April 4, 2017

Most estates have a trust or two, especially as the estate is more valuable. People spend a lot of time working with their estate planners on the details of the trusts. Yet, picking the trustee or trustees often is an overthought. That’s a big mistake. This article describes how the estate of one of the […]

Helping Your Executor Fulfill Your Estate Planning Strategy

March 1, 2016

Too many estate planning strategies ignore one of the keys to their success. An important driver of a plan’s outcome is the job performed by your executor or administrator. You appoint this person, or several persons in your estate planing strategy, but you won’t be around to oversee or guide. Yet, there are steps you […]

Estate Planning

Important Estate Planning Changes for Estates and Executors

September 1, 2015

A couple of changes quietly crept into the law recently. They are major estate planning events for some estates and executors. Congress passed and the President signed a temporary extension of the highway trust fund in late July. The law contains a few tax provisions designed to raise some revenue, and one of those changes […]

Estate Planning

Your Most Important Estate Planning Decision – Executors and Trustees – Part 2

September 1, 2014

Selecting a trustee is one of the most important decisions in Estate Planning. Last month we began a discussion and focused mostly on whether your trustee should be a professional (usually a bank or trust company) or an individual. This month we’ll discuss ways you can structure the trustee’s duties and relationships to increase the […]

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