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What You Need to Know About Safe Deposit Boxes

January 17, 2020

Everyone’s heard about safe deposit boxes, but important facts about the boxes are a mystery to most people. It is a rare person who doesn’t know what a safe deposit box is. It’s an equally rare person who knows key details about the boxes. Many items that are kept in safe deposit boxes wouldn’t be […]


Estate Planning – 10-Step Asset Protection Plan and Checklist Part I

September 3, 2019

Taxes, the IRS, attorneys, and estate processing costs are not the only enemies of your wealth. More and more people are concerned about creditors, especially those created by lawsuits. With the estate tax not a concern for most, insurance coverage being reduced, and law suits increasing, many people are more concerned with this potential leak […]

How to Protect You, Your Wealth and Your Family From Important ‘What Ifs’

July 23, 2019

Many people believe estate planning is mostly about money, especially taxes. A good estate plan is much more. Estate planning and retirement planning sometimes require us to consider questions that make us uncomfortable. But if we don’t consider those questions now, there’s a high probability our future well-being and that of our family will be […]

An Unusual Asset Protection Strategy

February 21, 2012

There are a lot of ways to protect your assets from potential creditors. The key to success for the most part is to take action before the creditors claims are real. If you wait, as too many people do, most of the actions you can take will be viewed as a fraud on the creditors […]


6 Easy and Legitimate Ways to Protect Assets

May 1, 2006

Many people consider asset protection to be part of an estate plan. Protecting wealth from creditors, lawsuits, and other claims during life can be just as important as protecting it from taxes. A good plan also can protect assets from claims against your heirs. Assets can be protected without elaborate schemes that involve multiple levels […]

estate planning

The New Asset Protection Rules for Estate Planning

May 1, 2005

A new bankruptcy law is making its way through Congress this spring. It makes major changes in the protection afforded to some assets. Asset protection strategies need to be reviewed in light of the new law. The bulk of the law addresses the bankruptcy process. In general, it is harder for someone whose disposable income […]


How to Protect Your IRA

January 1, 2000

Would you spend a minute or less deciding the fate of your most valuable asset? Do you want a mutual fund or other financial institution to make the decision? Most people actually spend less than a minute designating the beneficiaries for their IRAs or other qualified retirement plans. And they give little or no thought […]

estate planning

7 Simple Estate Planning Strategies To Protect Assets

July 1, 1998

I’ve never been a big fan of offshore trusts and other exotic strategies to protect your assets from lawsuits and creditors. They are expensive, you might have to deal with questionable people, and it is not even clear the strategies really work. Some recent cases show that these strategies don’t exactly build a rock-solid fortress. […]

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