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April 29, 2016

Buying insurance: It’s easier than ever to compare dozens or even hundreds of insurance policies using the Web. Here are some of the more popular sites for buying all kinds of insurance. Be sure to use several sites, since each site gives quotes for different insurers. None deals with all the insurers. Life insurance: […]

Getting the Most for the Least from Your Insurers

August 1, 2015

Perhaps the most neglected area of financial planning is insurance. The older you are, and the more wealth you have, the more likely you are to have the wrong coverage and be paying too much for the coverage you have. I’m talking here about the plain vanilla policies for insuring your home, autos, and any […]

estate planning

Hype About “Secret Estate Planning Accounts” Exposed – Cash Value Life Insurance

January 1, 2015

Let’s begin the year by revealing the facts behind some rather questionable marketing pitches for Estate Planning. Have you heard of the Secret 770 Account? The President’s Account? What about Banking on Your-self® or Infinite Banking? Becoming Your Own Banker, The Personal Bank, or The Retirement Miracle? If you read financial publications, especially online, you […]

Dealing With the Latest Turmoil in Long-Term Care Insurance

January 1, 2014

The turmoil in long-term care insurance continues. In recent years a number of insurers raised premiums substantially on existing policies or exited the market. A year ago it appeared things would stabilize after the shakeout, but a new round of premium hikes and policy changes is taking place. Two of the largest and most stable […]

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Stop Overpaying and Underinsuring

May 1, 2013

Successful Americans are paying too much for insurance yet don’t have enough cover-age. Those are the findings of a recent survey from  ACE Pri-vate Risk Services. The problem actually is worse than the 2010 survey. It’s easy to see how the situation developed. Most successful people didn’t start that way. In their young adult years […]

Covering the Overlooked Income Risk

March 1, 2013

At the bottom of the list of insurance policies most people consider is disability insurance. It’s the last policy people buy and the first they cut when cash becomes tight. Yet, disability insurance is essential for a package of complete protection, and at many ages you’re more likely to need it than other types of […]

Defusing Time Bombs in Universal Life Insurance

January 1, 2013

Your permanent life insurance policy could be a ticking bomb. The Federal Reserve’s zero interest rate policy increases the likelihood the bomb will explode soon if it hasn’t already, costing you thousands of dollars. Owners of universal life insurance policies face this risk.  There are two main types of permanent life insurance. Traditional whole life […]

Avoiding Hidden Threats to Your Security

December 1, 2012

Some of the most serious threats to financial independence are often over-looked. Yet, a few simple, actions can avoid large losses from these risks. In addition, you can reduce substantially your out-of-pocket expenses when you pay attention to these neglected issues. The sad fact is that the insurance coverage for most people is wrong. People […]


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