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Annuities – what they are, how they work and how to choose the best type of Annuity

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Guaranteed Returns, Lifetime Income

November 1, 2013

Most of those approaching retirement or in its early years share several goals. They want to avoid the volatility and periodic steep losses of the stock indexes. They want higher yields than can be earned in the safest investments, but they don’t want their principal to decline if interest rates rise. Down the road they’d […]

Updating the Annuity Puzzle

August 16, 2013

Economists and many financial advisers believe that most people should annuitize a portion of their nest eggs. That is, once they enter retirement they should buy an immediate annuity paying a fixed amount annually no matter how long they live. (Or you can buy an inflation-indexed annuity so the annual payment increases with inflation, but […]

How to Cover Long Term Care Costs with Annuities

July 1, 2013

It’s time to reconsider how your cash and “safe funds” are invested. Those of you with significant sum in safe investments or cash have at least one new option that pays more than a competitive yield. In addition, to earning a decent, safe return, the vehicle delivers up to three times your money for any […]

The Secret to Tax-Free Annuity Distributions

July 1, 2013

In select cases, annuity owners can take tax-free distributions. Not many people know this, but it can provide a real benefit to people who need long-term care. Typically when distributions are taken from a deferred annuity, the income and gains are included in gross income and taxed as ordinary income. There’s an exception for distributions […]

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Evaluating Indexed Annuities

May 23, 2013

They used to be called equity indexed annuities, as this article still calls them, before the sales people decided to change the generic name. I’ve written about these before in Retirement Watch, and this article is a good read. It might be a bit too negative. These annuities can be good for someone who would […]

Some Guaranteed Income Insurance and Annuity Strategies

May 22, 2013

Many people are looking for steady, guaranteed income in their retirement years. There are several different vehicles providing guaranteed income. There are many differences between them. Don’t make the mistake most people make. Don’t consider only one vehicle because that’s what your advisor offers. If you’re interested in guaranteed income, consider the several options out […]

Safe Investments and Annuities — Another View

May 8, 2013

Many people are seeking safe investments and only safe investments. That’s understandable given the events since 2000 and how unprepared many people were for them. The interest in safe money certainly is helping annuity salespeople. Here’s an alternative view. Keep in mind that I regularly advise people use annuities in their retirement portfolios. But I […]

Handling Changes in Variable Annuities

May 1, 2013

Tax planning is less of a guessing game these days with the tax law settled, at least until Congress decides to push some kind of tax reform. In the wake of the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012, we need to revise and rethink some strategies about Roth IRAs, especially about converting traditional IRAs to […]


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