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Power of Attorney

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Estate Planning

Why is the Power of Attorney an Essential Estate Planning Tool

November 1, 2012

Many people use the last part of the year to put their financial houses in order. Yet, one move many overlook is to create or revise their powers of attorney. You need more than one POA, and they are an essential part of every estate plan, regardless of the value of your estate. You should […]


A Shrewd Look at Power of Attorney – Part 2

January 1, 2008

The Power of Attorney is an essential part of every estate plan, but few people understand it or give it much thought. Last month we discussed some details of POAs that help ensure your wishes are followed. This month we will look at a few more details of the documents with an eye toward protecting […]

Estate Planning

A Shrewd Look at the Power of Attorney

December 1, 2007

A Power of Attorney is an essential part of an estate plan. You know that from past visits. The POA ensures that someone can manage your estate when you are unable to. Bills can be paid; investments can be managed; and other actions can be taken. Having a document called a power of attorney does […]


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