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Wills and Estate Planning

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estate planning

How to Make Your Estate Planning Personal: Your Legacy and Ethical Will

January 1, 2014

Your estate plan doesn’t have to be only a bunch of documents drafted by lawyers. While the legal documents are essential, they don’t have to be the complete pack-age. You can wrap it up  by adding some personal touches to the plan. This touch often enhances both the plan and your legacy. You also might […]

Estate Planning

Why a Living Will Is Not Enough for Estate Planning

October 1, 2013

Every few years the media latches on to a case of someone in a coma or similar medical distress. The family members and doc-tors don’t agree on what the next step should be, generating the conflict, controversy, and story. The lesson from the media always is: Be sure you have a Living Will. The answer […]

planning process

8 Estate Planning Steps to Crafting the Right Will for You

April 1, 2013

You don’t really write your will, and most people shouldn’t try. But you can be sure the will is done correctly. In this visit we discuss how to shepherd your will through the estate planning process. It doesn’t take much to tarnish a gem of an estate plan, and with it your legacy. A misplaced […]

Reconsidering Living Wills

June 8, 2012

A good estate plan includes a lot more than will. Among the documents to be included are medical care documents. The traditional document is a living will. But I’ve downplayed the importance of living wills for years. A better document is the medical care proxy or power of attorney. There are a number of problems […]

estate planning

What Your Will Can and Can’t Do for Your Estate Planning

August 1, 2011

A will is one of the most powerful documents you can write. A will can decide what happens to valuable property, even billions of dollars worth. It can decide who becomes the guardian of minor children, who controls a business or other entity, and how much of your wealth goes to the government. The will […]

Estate Planning

Evaluating a Codicil vs. a New Will for your Estate Planning Strategy

November 1, 2010

When an Estate Planning Strategy needs updating, there’s always one key question. Should an entire will be written and executed, or is a simple amendment sufficient? An amendment to a will in lawyer talk is a codicil. It’s an important question, and not one to be taken lightly. The advantage of a codicil is you […]


Safeguard Your Will and Estate Plan from Legal Challenges

April 1, 2008

Few events disrupt an estate plan and family harmony more than a will contest or other challenge to the plan. The specific challenges might not be predictable, because they often are triggered more by emotions than finances. But the risk of a contest almost always is present, and estate owners should know that they can […]

estate planning

Instruction Letters and Ethical Wills

April 1, 2006

The typical estate plan is a collection of legal documents with sterile discussions of trusts and property distributions. It need not be that way. Your estate plan and your legacy can be enhanced by adding to your plan documents that are more personalized and speak directly to your loved ones. Certainly the main focus of […]


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