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Answering the Important Longevity Question

May 23, 2017

Most people shortchange one of the most important issues in their retirement plans. The result can be a wildly inaccurate plan. A goal of every retirement plan is to ensure your income and cash flow last at least the rest of your life. To meet that goal, you need a reasonable estimate of your life […]

Increase After Tax Wealth by Matching the Right Assets to the Right Accounts

May 23, 2017

How much time do you spend on asset location? Notice, that’s asset location not asset allocation. If you’re like most investors and even financial advisers, you don’t give asset location much time or attention or use some oversimplified rules of thumb. Over time, that oversight reduces after-tax returns, and that means your nest egg won’t […]

estate planning

Managing the Beneficiaries, Heirs, Trustees, and Executors in Your Estate Planning Process

May 23, 2017

There’s a time bomb ticking in many estate plans. You likely won’t know if the bomb explodes. The bombs explode in many estates, however, and the only question is how big the explosion will be. The “bomb” is the person, or people, you name to act for you. Whether they act during your lifetime or […]

The Roots of Today’s Growth

May 18, 2017

Remember the global panic of early 2016? The recent economic growth and market strength had their roots there. You might remember that in late 2015, investors started to see warning signs in China. China’s stock markets had a very strong 2015, largely because regulators had changed the rules to allow more leveraged investing. As 2015 […]


What you don’t know about retirement can hurt you. In fact, just a few wrong decisions in your investments, taxes, or estate planning could completely derail your retirement plans. Worse yet, the rules of the game keep changing, making it harder to keep up. For these reasons, I’ve assembled all the key points – everything you need to know — into one comprehensive report. Click here today for free access.

Two Interesting Health Articles on Alzheimers

May 18, 2017

I know many of you have an interest in Alzheimer’s research and treatment because you’ve known someone with the disease. This article has an interesting take on the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and its approval process for drugs. The thesis is that the FDA’s approval process is too restrictive. The result is that drugs […]

Affluent Retirees Scared to Spend During Retirement

May 17, 2017

America’s affluent retirees are sitting on piles of cash that they don’t want to spend. A new survey points out that many people who are in their 80s today have more wealth than they did in their 60s and 70s, and that’s because they steadily reduce their spending each year. Further probing found that the […]

Nursing Home Arbitration Agreements are Binding

May 17, 2017

Nursing homes have been joining the list of companies that require customers to sign agreements waiving their rights to go to court. Any disagreements must be taken to arbitration. A Kentucky court had found that the agreements weren’t binding when an agent for a nursing home resident signed the agreement on the resident’s behalf, unless […]

A Theory Why Stock Market Volatility is Low

May 12, 2017

Many investors have noticed that market volatility has been very low in 2017, and they’re developing theories. Some point to history and say low volatility indicates a major move is about to happen, and that is usually is a negative move. But there are other theories. This theory says that investors live and learn, and […]

February 2021:

Congress Comes for your Retirement Money

A devastating new law has just been enacted, with serious consequences for anyone holding an IRA, pension, or 401(k). Fortunately, there are still steps you can take to sidestep Congress, starting with this ONE SIMPLE MOVE.

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