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estate planning

Estate Planning: Charitable Annuity vs. Charitable Trust

November 1, 2003

Charitable Remainder Trusts get a lot of attention from estate planners. Yet, they might not be the best option for many estate owners. There is the less-known charitable gift annuity to consider. Each strategy shelters appreciated assets from capital gains taxes, reduces current income taxes, provides income for life or for a period of years, […]

estate planning

How Low Interest Rates Can Boost Your Estate Planning

April 1, 2003

Low interest rates and depressed stock prices are making a classic Estate Planning strategy significantly more attractive. People who could benefit from the strategy should look into it before interest rates rise. This tool has the un-sexy name of grantor retained annuity trust, or GRAT. It has the sexy result of allowing you to pass […]


Estate Planning With The Flexible Irrevocable Trust

April 1, 2003

Estate Planning is getting more difficult for many of us. An estate plan these days needs flexibility. The estate tax law might change, the value of property in the estate fluctuates, and personal circumstances can change. Flexibility is fairly easy to put into a will with the “but it” clause I’ve discussed in past visits. […]

estate planning

Estate Planning Strategies: Trusts And Your IRAs

December 1, 2002

Trusts can solve many problems, making them a vital estate planning tool. When an IRA is involved, however, trusts must be used with great care. The IRS changed the rules to make things easier, but all the rules still aren’t clear and traps remain. Trusts are a good way to leave wealth to those who […]


Seven Estate Planning Strategies to Transfer Assets at a Lower Cost

March 1, 2002

The estate tax repeal scheduled for 2010 over-shadows the fact that the gift tax will remain. Also, though the estate tax exemption will rise through 2009, the lifetime gift tax exemption will not. The gift tax exemption rose to $1 million in 2002, but it stays at that level indefinitely. The continuation of the gift […]


Estate Planning to Hand Down the House

February 1, 2002

Your home is among the most valuable assets in your estate, perhaps the most valuable. That makes it a key part of your estate plan. The home also is among the most difficult assets to incorporate into your plan. You always need a place to live, so the home cannot be given away as easily […]


The New Era Of Dynasty Trusts For Estate Planning

December 1, 2001

Dynasty trusts are making a big comeback under the 2001 tax law. Before the estate tax was enacted many years ago, dynasty trusts were the standard way to ensure family wealth was preserved and grew through several generations. Now, with the estate tax being phased out more families can emphasize the non-tax goals of estate […]


New Estate Planning Value In QTIP Trusts

November 1, 2001

The venerable QTIP trust is an even more valuable estate planning tool for married couples after the 2001 tax law.  Traditionally, the QTIP could save heirs a bundle of money while ensuring that wealth is distributed as you intended. But the trust can give your estate plan additional flexibility that is a key to dealing […]

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