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Beware Mutual Fund Return Data

October 22, 2013

We’re in one of those periods when you have to be very careful when evaluating mutual fund performance data. Most funds report three-year and five-year data. Tha means the data won’t include the pre-crisis period and includes only returns from the bottom or near it. It also consists of returns that were influenced by the […]

Is a Target Date Fund for You?

April 10, 2012

The growing trend among mutual fund families and especially in 401(k) plans is the target date fund (TDF). These are asset allocation funds that assume the investors will reach retirement age at a certain year, hence the name Target Date. There’s an ongoing debate over whether the funds are good for investors. The idea is […]


Great Funds Closing Their Doors

September 1, 2005

Over the years we successfully found great funds early and let them deliver strong profits for us. One of the disadvantages is that after we discover them, the shareholder-friendly funds we favor deliver excellent performance and attract a lot of dollars. Because they are shareholder-friendly, they tend to close their doors to new investors when […]


The Mutual Fund Scandals and Our Portfolios

December 1, 2003

The mutual fund scandals continue to grow. What initially was malfeasance at one hedge fund and a few managers at four fund families now appear to be widespread industry practices. The SEC said a survey of major fund management companies revealed that about 25% of the fund companies admitted to regularly engaging in such behavior, […]


Carlson’s Choice Mutual Funds

July 1, 2003

I keep our portfolios streamlined with my best ideas, but some of you want more than one fund for a sector. For these readers, we’ll take a look at some other funds to consider. One of my favorite approaches to stock market investing is to invest with a good stock picker who buys only his […]


Recommended Funds At Popular Fund Families

November 1, 2002

Fund Type Schwab NTF Vanguard Fidelity T. Rowe Price Core U.S. Stocks Am. Cent. Equity Inc Total Stock Index Contrafund Dividend Growth Large-Mid Val Eq Oakmark Fund Windsor Value Midcap Value Large-Mid Gro Eq Marsico Focus Growth Index OTC Blue Chip Small Cap Core Am. Cent. Small Qu. Tax Mgd Small Cap Small Cap Stock […]


Where To Shop For Mutual Funds

October 1, 2002

There’s been a shake up in the world of mutual fund supermarkets. I’ve long believed that investors can maximize their investment returns by simplifying their financial lives. One way to simplify is to consolidate your investments at one mutual fund family or one broker that allows you to purchase mutual funds from different families – […]


Funds Outside the Recommended Portfolios

October 1, 2002

I’m one who remembers August 1982 when the bear market became a bull market. I also remember the turns from the market bottoms in 1987 and 1991 and from the stagnant market in 1994. Many of you were with me during the recoveries of 1997 and 1998. Each time, there were doubts about the future […]

March 2021:

Congress Comes for your Retirement Money

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