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Investing Your IRA in Gold, Real Estate, and More

Last update on: Dec 08 2020

IRA Investment Guide: A Road Map for Avoiding the Traps and Penalties for IRA Investments

Which assets are allowed, and which aren’t

You’re supposed to diversify your investment portfolio. You want to protect it from bear markets, inflation, deflation, and more.

What many IRA investors don’t know is Congress and the IRS built obstacles on the road to diversification.

For example:

  • Your IRA is supposed to be tax-exempt, but some investments cause your IRA to be taxed.
  • Your IRA can’t own certain assets without paying a penalty.
  • Some transactions can trigger penalties, even causing your IRA to lose its tax-exempt status.

Traditional investments in stocks, bonds, and mutual funds won’t cause problems. But venture into hard assets or nontraditional assets and strategies, and you’ll need to pull out the rule book.

Often, your IRA custodian won’t warn that you’re heading into dangerous waters. It’s not the custodian’s job to give you investment or legal advice. Most tax and financial advisors also aren’t aware of the all the rules and restrictions in the tax code. You need to learn the rules on your own and have them handy before making new investments.

My report provides the roadmap you need to avoid the many dangers for IRA investors. You’ll learn:

  • The three major ways investors trigger catastrophes for their IRAs.
  • You can’t own gold in your IRA, or can you? There are loopholes in the prohibition of owning gold and other collectibles.
  • When exchanged-traded funds (ETFs) can be dangerous investments.
  • How ETFs or different from ETNs (exchange-traded notes).
  • When you can use IRA funds to invest with or provide financial help to a loved one, and when you can’t.
  • How to buy real estate, small businesses, and other non-traditional investments with your IRA.
  • When Roth IRAs aren’t tax free.
  • Ways you can avoid penalties on prohibited transactions.
  • The facts about buying Master Limited Partnerships in your IRA. Hint: They’re not prohibited, but they can cause problems.
  • The little-known rules the IRS can use when it doesn’t like your investments.

Investors who used traditional assets and strategies have been burned the last 10 years. You’re right to seek alternatives for your money. But the IRS and the tax code don’t always cooperate. With the IRA Investment Guide you’ll have a handy guide around the twists, turns, detours, and potholes the tax code places in the way of those who want to invest in something other than simple stocks, bonds, and mutual funds.

You can download the IRA Investment Guide, a 19 page PDF file, in a few minutes for only $29.99. Take advantage of this opportunity to expand your investment opportunities without receiving bills from the IRS.



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