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Evaluating Investments by the Inventor of the Sharpe Ratio

October 22, 2014

Nobel Prize-winning economist William Sharpe gave an interesting interview to AAII. He makes several points that all investors should note. Sharpe developed a statistic that’s now called the Sharpe ratio. He said he was looking for a number to consider if you only can look at one number to evaluate an investment. Now, he says […]

Buy-and-Hold Investing Mistakes

September 19, 2014

Most investors trade too much. They’d be better if by changing their investments less frequently. But buy-and-hold investors also are prone to mistakes. This article identifies several key mistakes to avoid. I’d also add that many buy-and-hold investors don’t understand the importance of low correlations between their investments if they want the benefits of diversification. […]

The New Era of High Income Investing That is Safe

July 7, 2014

We’re moving from an era when investors wanted primarily growth and capital gains to one when there is more demand for income, says Bill Gross of PIMCO. These investors want high income but also safe income. In this environment is it important that investment managers get right certain other issues, such as the safety of […]

Top Investment Peeves

June 23, 2014

Cliff Asness of AQR Research and the mutual funds of the same name published an essay on his top 10 peeves, which are all investment and finance related. Actually there are more than 10, because several have multiple peeves within them. His explanations make some good points about investments, finance, and economics. “There is a […]

5 Mental Mistakes that Trim Investment Profits

June 19, 2014

You know about behavioral economics and how it shows that many of us seem hardwired to make decisions about money that are bad for us. Contrary to what economists say, people aren’t rational and profit-maximizing. Here’s a good summary of the five most common mental or thinking traits that lead to bad decisions. Recency effect. […]

Losing Investment Models

June 4, 2014

Ever since the financial crisis, and especially in the aftermath dominated by the Fed’s quantitative easing, I’ve noticed that old investment models generally don’t work. There are many mutual funds and investment firms that built models that worked very well for a long time. Some had models to pick stocks or bonds, Others had models […]

Achieving Better Investment Results

April 23, 2014

Howard Marks of Oaktree Capital has one of the best investment records. In his shareholder letters, he’s frequently willing to reveal some of the steps an investor needs to take to achieve such results. He’s willing to give the advice, because he knows few people will take it. In this shareholder letter, he explains that […]

Diving into High Frequency Trading

April 1, 2014

You’ve probably seen a fair amount of publicity about Michael Lewis’s new book about high frequency trading, Flash Boys. Lewis is an excellent writer, but his previous books often were criticized for focusing more on story telling and being attractive to readers instead of presenting the full picture. It’s the same with this book. Lewis […]

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