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Growth Strategies for a Flat Market

November 1, 2004

Have you earned 0% or even lost money on your investments over the last five years? Most investors aren’t as fortunate as we have been. The major stock indexes are about where they were five years ago. Anyone who follows the conventional buy-and-hold index investing strategy has no net gains or modest losses to show […]


Navigating Troubled Markets

September 1, 2004

Fear stalks the markets these days. The last few months we gradually added protection against such a surge in investor pessimism. Those moves served our portfolios well in the recent downturn and will help if things get worse. Don’t try to forecast whether this is a correction or a new bear market. It is a […]


How Safety-First Investing Builds More Wealth

January 1, 2004

Value and caution pay richer rewards than do growth and excitement. Market action of the last few years contains some great examples of this lesson. The bear market began in March 2000 and bottomed in October 2002. The market indexes have had a strong run since the bottom, with the Nasdaq returning over 50% and […]


How to Beat The High Cost of Investing

June 1, 2003

Cutting the cost of investing is more important than it has been in years. Expenses didn’t matter much when the stock market returned over 20% annually and bonds yielded over 8%. In the next 10 years, however, I expect bonds won’t return more than their current yields, and the annual average return from stocks will […]


Advice for Beginners to Investing in Stock Market

May 1, 2003

Getting a little older requires a few changes in behavior. I’ve long known the importance of warming up before vigorous exercise. In the last few years I’ve learned my muscles also don’t like to be thrown right into yard work. They like a gradual introduction. If I forget that lesson, they’ll spend the next day […]


The Ultimate Toolbox For Reducing Market Risks

April 1, 2003

The mistake most investors make is to try to predict the future and then set their portfolios to capitalize on that prediction. Unfortunately, the financial world is not predictable, even in relatively normal times. It is even less predictable when economic calculations must be meshed with considerations of war, terrorism, and the after-effects of the […]

Opportunities Abound In the Uncertainty

February 1, 2003

Stocks continue to see-saw between bear market and bull market. As I said earlier, expect this to continue for some time as the economy and markets recover from the extremes of the 1990s. Several investment strategies are necessary to be successful in this environment. Careful buying and selling is one. I’ll keep sell signals in […]


The Key Question Most Investors Overlook

October 1, 2002

Most investors focus on the wrong question, and that costs them money. Too many investors try to answer the big question of the day. Today, the big question drawing attention is whether the bear market is ending or the stock market is getting ready for another sharp drop. A few years ago, investors searched for […]


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