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How to Use ETFs

October 1, 2005

Exchange-traded funds are the fastest-growing but most misunderstood investment vehicle of the last few years. ETFs have been around only since 1993, and didn’t start to take off until the late 1990s. Let’s see how these mutual fund substitutes might fit into your investment strategy. An ETF is similar to a mutual fund. The investor […]


Hedge Funds Without Fees, Disappointments

September 1, 2005

You might have read about the disappointing recent returns from hedge funds. Over the last few years, wealthy individuals and institutions poured money into these investment vehicles in search of less volatility and the potential for high returns. The results for the last year or two have been disappointing to many of these investors, and […]


Great Funds Closing Their Doors

September 1, 2005

Over the years we successfully found great funds early and let them deliver strong profits for us. One of the disadvantages is that after we discover them, the shareholder-friendly funds we favor deliver excellent performance and attract a lot of dollars. Because they are shareholder-friendly, they tend to close their doors to new investors when […]


Injecting Some Growth to the Portfolios

July 1, 2005

Investors aren’t making too many mistakes these days. That means we have to search harder to find profitable investment ideas with a margin of safety. The most frequent mistake investors make is to misprice investments. In the typical investment cycle, investors buy whatever has been rising. This pushes the price of that asset to an […]


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Our Aggressive Invest with the Winners Portfolios

July 1, 2005

We are low risk investors here at Retirement Watch. Carefully assess the risks and avoid the big losses is a big part of my investment philosophy. The gains will take care of themselves because of the long-term growth trends in the economy and the markets. That is why instead of searching for the next investment […]


Starter Funds for the Grandkids

June 1, 2005

Grandparents who want to begin modest accounts to benefit their grandchildren face fewer choices. Many grandparents would like to invest a small amount of money for a grandchild and add a little to it each year. After a couple of decades or more, the grandchild will have a nice sum of money to pay for […]


Anyone Can Build a Hedge Fund Portfolio

June 1, 2005

Our portfolio of mutual funds with “hedge fund” strategies is still delivering the steady, solid returns we set as its goal. This last quarter also shows why I put together this collection of funds. You can see how they work together as a portfolio to achieve steady returns. The portfolio had a modest gain for […]


Investment Strategies for a Sluggish Market

May 1, 2005

The markets across the board have had corrections. The first quarter of 2005 was the worst quarter in two years for the S&P 500. Investors’ problems for the quarter did not end with the big company stocks that make up that index. My database of mutual funds and exchange-traded funds showed negative returns in March […]


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