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529 College Saving Plans

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What is Behind the Boom in 529 College Plans

December 1, 2007

Investments in 529 college savings plans are increasing rapidly, and there are good reasons for it. The benefits are enhanced, and the alternatives are less attractive than they used to be. Congress expanded the Kiddie Tax and made it tighter, causing Uniform Gift to Minors Act accounts and direct gifts to children to be less […]


529 Plans Equalized, Estate Planning Should Adjust Accordingly

March 1, 2006

The recent deficit reduction law gave a boost to 529 prepaid college plans. There are two types of 529 plans: prepaid plans and savings plans. Under prepaid plans, the state guarantees that tuition and fees are covered by an amount determined today, even if inflation or investment returns are different from what was anticipated. The […]


Estate Planning: New Looks in 529 Plans

December 1, 2004

States are making big changes in their 529 college savings plans. These are the tax-advantaged plans that help people save for the education expenses of their children or grandchildren, or anyone else for that matter. Numerous forces caused the changes. It has been pointed out, in this newsletter especially, that after the 2003 tax law […]

estate planning

Estate Planning: How to Make the Most of 529 Plans

February 1, 2004

Section 529 college savings plans rapidly became a popular Estate Planning tool, especially for those who want to help their grandchildren. Each state now offers at least one 529 plan. A 529 plan allows a donor to give up to five years’ of tax-free gifts ($55,000) in one year. The donor can get the money […]


How College Saving Plan Can Enhance Your Estate Planning

August 1, 2002

Section 529 college savings plans aren’t just for higher education. While great education planning tools they can be used as valuable Estate Planning tools, especially by grandparents. To ensure you and your family get the maximum benefit of these plans, don’t forget 529 accounts when drafting your estate plan. We’ve reviewed the advantages of 529 […]


How to Find the Best 529 Savings Plan for Your Estate Planning

November 1, 2001

Section 529 college savings plans are the best way for most people to save and pay for the education of a child or grandchild. But which plan should you use? The number of plans available has exploded. Most states (34) allow residents of any state to invest in their plans, and they allow distributions to […]

UGMAs vs. 529 plans

Estate Planning Strategies: UGMAs vs. 529 Plans

October 1, 2001

I have an UGMA account for my grandchild (or child). Can I (or should I) switch to a college savings plan or a trust? I regularly get variations of that question. A Uniform Gift to Minors Act (UGMA) account is the traditional vehicle to save and invest for a youngster. (It’s UTMA in some states.) […]


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